About Us

HUMER DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI is established in November 2010. It is the distributor of globally well known skin care brand OROGOLD COSMETICS, nish fragrance brands ISABEY PARIS, LE GALION and REEM ACRA.

HUMER has a respected reputation in the Turkish cosmetics market With the very distinguished product line of skin care Orogold, offering it’s customers very special anti-aging products which contains 24 karat gold particules. The experienced management and the well trained sales team distributed OROGOLD products to the selective retail locations throughout Turkey. You can find America’s favorite skin care brand OROGOLD in Istanbul at at HARVEY NICHOLS Kanyon, BEYMEN Zorlu and Home Of Scents Istanbul stores.

REEM ACRA eau de parfume’ is inspired by the appreciation for tradition and modern glamour and Reem Acra’s memories of collecting amber as a child in the cedar wood forest of Lebanon. After all over the world’s luxury department stores as Blooming Dales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdof Goodman it is in Turkey with Humer Cosmetics. If you would like to feel this luxurious sensuality parfume is avaliable in Istanbul at HARVEY NICHOLS Kanyon, BEYMEN Zorlu, BRANDROOM Nisantasi, BRANDROOM Suadiye and Home Of Scents Istanbul

HUMER has added 2 new perfume brands into its structure: ISABEY PARIS is offering the Pearl fragrant perfume in a jewelry crate of handmade packing and LE GALION is the designer of Miss Dior and the last piece of Lanvin. You can You may experience our brands in Istanbul at HARVEY NICHOLS Kanyon, BEYMEN Zorlu, BRANDROOM Nisantasi, BRANDROOM Suadiye and Home Of Scents Istanbul.

HUMER’s basic principle is always to provide quality in every aspect, and proud to deliver our products through selective retailers.


Since we were established, we believe in mutual respect and trust among our customers, suppliers and distributors. On this way, we determined to serve high quality products and good service as our major goal.

As HUMER, we will be keeping this goal in future as we do today.

Our quality policy consists of;

  • Ensuring complete customer satisfaction while obeying the laws, standards, spects when giving any service,
  • Being well organized while using the sources and time effectively, in order to develop the performance,
  • Educating our team continuously to keep them updated in order to provide high levels of product and service quality,
  • Cooperating with our suppliers as we know they surely are the very important parts of our system,
  • After all the activities we do and plan to do, we take care of nature and environment, doing our best not to damage environment and obeying all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Founding Partners

Merve Gumusyazici


After completing her education at TED College, Bogazici University – The faculty of International Relations and Harvard Business School, she professionally worked as manager in finance sector, for many years.

Hulya Uyar


After completing her education at TED College and Istanbul University -The Faculty of Business Administration, she professionally worked as manager in finance and insurance sectors for many years.