Isabey was created in 1924 by Henry James de Rothschild who chose then three administrators and one authorized representative, Maurice Loewe. The House of perfume became immediately known by the unique quality of its creations and the refinement of its luxurious presentations. The magnificence of the bottles designed by artist “Julien Viard” and the jewel-like cases made these subtle fragrances a must. Isabey proposed a legendary line of perfumes with poetic names, inciting to long journeys: « La Route d’Emeraude », « L’Ambre de Carthage », « Lys Noir », « Le Chypre Celtique », « Le Bleu de Chine », « Le Gardénia »….

Due to the historical events, the House of Isabey had to close in 1941. The sleeping beauty was revived in 2000 when the mythical perfumes were reedited in limited numbers and in a slow pace: luxury takes its time.

Isabey is very exclusively sold in the world’s best perfumeries and Department stores in the “Haute Parfumerie” section.

Les Trois Perles « Collection Rare »
Extracts of Perfumes

Since the early years of 20’s, “Parfums Isabey Paris” were known to propose luxurious editions of rare fragrances in unique pearly shaped bottles, presented in jewel-like cases.

As a continuation of this legacy, Isabey Paris offers today a Collection of three Pearls : Each Pearl is associated to a color, each color has a symbol: white for love, black for success and gold for happiness.

The iconic fragrances of the House are proposed in Extract of Perfumes and intensified with white leather for “La Perle de Gardénia ”, spiced with tuberose essence for “La Perle de Lys Noir”, enriched with powdery iris for “La Perle de La route d’Emeraude”.

Three Pearls, three fragrances, three stories, but one dream : Celebrate the Woman.

*** La Perle de Gardénia – Extract of Perfume; The White Pearl is a symbol of Love
An oriental, floral opulent, more intense, more leathery and more ambery than the original.

*** La Perle de Lys Noir – Extract of Perfume; The Black Pearl is a symbol of Success.
A woody floral, oriental with more intensity and richness

*** La Perle de la route d’Emeraude – Extract of Perfume; The Gold Pearl is a symbol of Happiness.
“La Perle de la Route d’Emeraude” goes further in the floral intensity, adding iris’ feminine, powdery and luxurious feel to the cinnamon spiced rose & jasmine bouquet

*** L’Ambre de Carthage – Parfum pour Homme

Ancient Carthage held a position as one of the capitals of maritime trade with ships transporting precious and rare scents of far off lands. From this quest of mysterious and unknown elsewhere, Isabey created a distinctive perfume for a man who knows how to overcome wild lands.

“L’Ambre de Carthage” is a modern masculine fragrance symbolizing the spirit of long, challenging journeys and adventures.

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